Capital Asset Controlling with SAP

Highly flexible solution for your investment controlling processes

Capital Asset Controlling at the highest level

Meeting high expectations

As corporate controller or asset manager of a financial service provider you have to take several requirements as well as a veritable flood of facts and figures into account when managing capital assets.

Competent controlling

Demanding target returns require competent controlling of asset risks. The following objectives are key when implementing an investment controlling system:

  • Automatic interface and import of the various asset holdings (e.g. securities, mortgages, money market, derivatives, FX transactions)
  • Mapping of fund investments
  • Correct market valuations
  • Parallel calculation of P&L and balance sheet items in accordance with local GAAPs (e.g. STAT), US GAAP and IFRS
  • Transparency in planning results
  • Comprehensive actual / target reporting
  • Drill-down analyses
  • Maintainability and scalability for further expansion

Our solution

Close to customer

Together with our partner TRIGON Business Intelligence GmbH & Co. KG and our client Talanx Asset Management GmbH COMPIRICUS has developed a web-based capital asset management solution, Capital Asset Controlling (CAT). It is a high flexible solution for aggregation, simulation and reporting in the SAP environment.

Integrated planning and reporting

COMPIRICUS' CAT combines the current portfolio, the investor's market expectation for multiple scenarios, valuation rules according multiple parallel accounting bases, the scheduled portfolio transactions, external cash in- and outflows (e.g. premiums) and derives a balance sheet and an income statement for each scenario and accounting base.

Flexible database

CAT builds on the existing SAP standard functionalities and is enhanced by special functions specific to capital asset controlling. It does not matter whether the source for the data is an SAP system or not.

High-quality controlling

Using SAP BI as the foundation, a special simulation tier provides high-quality controlling together with planning and projection of changes in the stock and the value of the portfolio. It also includes an actual data reporting functionality for asset management that fulfills the requirements of many organizational units within a company.

Special functional features of CAT (Extract)

  • Reinvestment of matured investments according to pre-configured algorithms
  • Derived cash flows of simulated future portfolios
  • Calculation of sensitivities on forecasted cash flows
  • Market expectations are either entered on an aggregated level or an single asset basis

Your benefits

  • Highly flexible database
  • CAT can be used in fast-track projects
  • CAT offers a better return on investment in existing IT solutions and reduces costs
  • Existing investments for SAP BI licenses are optimized, operational costs for further developments are kept to a minimum
  • Business users can create their own reports and display detailed results
  • The entire spectrum of information recipients within a company is served from the controller to the specialist departments up to management and board members