Financial Asset Management with SAP FAM

Benefit from more than 20 years of expertise of the internationally leading SAP implementation partner

Your Financial Asset Management Solution ready for operation in minimum time with maximum output

Within asset management, COMPIRICUS supports above all the implementation of the SAP Financial Asset Management (FAM) components, SAP Treasury and Risk Management (TRM) and SAP Consumer and Mortgage Loans (CML).

The SAP TRM and SAP CML modules are being used more and more by international companies across the board in corporate affiliates located in various countries with various parallel accounting standards. SAP TRM focuses primarily on mapping, evaluating, and posting the main types of financial products, e.g., shares, investment funds, bonds, money market transactions, foreign exchange transactions, and plain vanilla and complex derivatives, in one unified module. Over time, more and more business transactions from the commodity market, that is commodities, goods, and rights, can be managed in TRM. Furthermore, SAP CML offers comprehensive loans management with the following additional emphasis areas:

  • Mortgage management with object and collateral management
  • Active and financing loans for companies
  • Consumer credits
  • Employee loans
  • Policy loans for insurers

Using data from the two aforementioned modules, SAP TRM and SAP CML, SAP Analyzer allows you to examine the entire portfolio from various points of view, enabling you to meet all your risk management needs.

  • Market risks: the calculation of NPVs in the context of various scenarios, and sensitivity and value-at-risk analyses
  • Portfolio analysis: calculation of important performance and key return figures
  • Credit risks: active monitoring of default risks

COMPIRICUS supports its customers with years of expertise, and as an SAP partner, in the design, implementation, and integration of SAP Asset Management functions in various business environments. COMPIRICUS, as a specialized provider of investment management and finance solutions, can comprehensively and efficiently support you in the following related tasks:

  • Holistically mapping of all common financial transactions, investments, and financing transactions in SAP TRM and SAP CML
  • Defining and modifying processes
  • Integrating business transactions to be posted with multiple parallel accounting standards
  • External and internal reporting, as well as interfaces to data warehouse solutions
  • Migration and/or merging of old data and actual data

COMPIRICUS enables extensive asset management integration in the internal and external process chain of your entire company by

  • Integrating SAP TRM and SAP CML master data and market data with upstream internal systems or market data providers through direct connection using Adapter or SWIFT
  • Connecting SAP TRM and SAP CML business data from and to trading and/or correspondence systems: internally/web/SWIFT network
  • Providing support in the implementation of special solutions and customer-specific modifications for the evaluated requirements.

For successful SAP CML implementation, more specifically, COMPIRICUS also offers comprehensive support, focusing on the following areas:

  • Integration with external address databases
  • Connection of correspondence to document and archiving systems
  • Migration support for business partners, master data, collaterals, fluctuations, and statutory reporting data