Vision and Values

High expectations are our guideline


Our vision is an expression of the high expectations, which we not only place on ourselves but which our clients and partners are also able to expect from us:


In striving to accomplish our COMPIRICUS Vision and live up to our expectations, as well as satisfying those of our clients, every day we act in accordance with the following core values:

„Keep on moving"

  • I constantly learn and further develop myself
  • I constantly communicate with my clients and know what they want
  • I am always on the lookout for new topics
  • I seek and welcome new perspectives from partners
  • I actively pass on knowledge

„Be willing to take risks"

  • I will make mistakes and learn from them
  • I accept other people’s mistakes
  • I challenge myself to try new things
  • I make intelligent decisions
  • I am not afraid to experiment

„Pull in the same direction"

  • I always act on behalf of COMPIRICUS and our clients
  • I institutionalize and initiate ongoing internal exchanges
  • I actively help my colleagues and am glad to accept assistance
  • I know that I contribute towards the company’s success

„Get to the bottom of things"

  • I take the time for thorough analysis
  • I always want to know why I am doing something
  • I have a high appreciation of excellent know-how
  • I allow myself time for sharing knowledge
  • I want to constantly improve things

„Accept responsibility"

  • I am responsible for my actions and decisions
  • I stand by my colleagues
  • I take-on decisions in my field of responsibilities
  • I always see things from the perspective of COMPIRICUS as a whole
  • I responsibly delegate tasks