Management Code of Conduct

We are driven by our values

The Executive Staff at COMPIRICUS, in guidance with our vision and values, undertake to act and lead according to the following principles:


Individual Responsibility

  • We always lead by our goals and values and act accordingly.
  • We play the role of mentor for our employees. We assign them important tasks at an early stage, and expect a great deal of individual accountability.
  • We create room to seize the opportunity.

Courage and Initiative

  • Together, we explore new approaches.
  • We develop new solutions first and implement the details later.
  • We decide promptly, even if all information is not yet available.

Feedback and Evaluation

  • We support the development of our employees.
  • Feedback in the team is expressly desired in all directions.
  • We provide evaluation and expect feedback. This allows us to promote continuous development.
  • We assess everyone’s unique talent and potential.
  • We expect and recognize high performance.


  • We promote continuing education and training for our employees.
  • We expect team members to have a desire to promote their personal and professional development.
  • We harmonize performance capabilities of the individual with development opportunities at COMPIRICUS.