Answers to frequently asked questions

What you can expect

As our specialist focus is in the field of capital investments and treasury, you should definitely be interested in financial products, regardless of whether you want to work in consulting or in software development. Because, ultimately our activities involve these subjects. Of course, if you are already familiar with these issues from your studies or have a personal interest in them, this gives you an edge.

At COMPIRICUS you work in a team and you will also have regular meetings with clients during the course of your work. Consequently, it is important that you enjoy dealing with people and like working with them. You should be open-minded and communicative.

Consulting involves showing clients solutions to their issues and convincing them of their added value. You should therefore have a confident personality, a great ability to grasp new concepts and be able to argue convincingly – especially when your dialog partner does not share your opinion.

IT/SAP consulting projects can be very complex, both in terms of the subject matter and the number of people involved. So, you should be able to think analytically and in a structured way. You must be capable of working under pressure and coping with stress. You should also be able to set priorities and work independently and purposefully on your tasks.

We know that may sound a lot, but don’t worry, a lot of the skills described above can be learnt or acquired through training. We also offer you individual training in these areas if required!

Regardless of whether you have professional experience or not, your first months with us are extremely important. That’s why we devise an induction plan for you before you start. You are also assigned a contact person who will be your primary contact for any questions or problems you may have in the first few months.

A career change can often be beneficial. For example, it can create new perspectives for you or enable you to further your career.

At COMPIRICUS, you will find a high level of specialist focus and groundbreaking expertise. We offer you an exchange of specialist expertise in a dialogue with experienced consultants on topics of interest within our specialist focus, and the opportunity to advance these issues together. Furthermore, our client base is made up of leading companies that continuously pose new challenges for our consultants.

There are many opportunities to further your development at COMPIRICUS, even as an experienced consultant, depending upon whether you prefer a career in management or not.

If you opt for a non-management career, you are responsible for identifying and developing innovations and implementing them in customer-oriented consulting solutions or software products. You will also act as “the” expert for the project or development teams in the sense of being a consultant to the team.

As a manager, you will act as divisional manager and assume the responsibility for the personnel and budget allocated to you. You will also manage projects and be actively involved in selling the services and products from your area.

For one thing, COMPIRICUS’ technical specialization sets it apart, especially compared to larger competitors: We provide IT consulting exclusively in the asset management and treasury environment and are an official SAP partner. More than 20 years ago, several of our founding members were even involved in the creation of today’s SAP module in the environment we specialize in. You could say: You would be hard pressed to find a higher level of expertise in this area anywhere. This expertise is valued by both our national and international clients and consequently we boast leading listed companies amongst our clients, and as partners we are on an equal footing.

Of course, as a smaller company, the “paths are shorter” than compared to our larger competitors. We don’t have a hierarchical mentality and we encourage open-minded communication at all levels. At COMPIRICUS, a management board can also be approached about any company issue at any time. We believe that flexible teamwork and flat structures provide a competitive edge. Consequently our working environment is much more familiar and this is reflected in a friendlier working atmosphere.

At COMPIRICUS, development goals can more or less be tailored to the individual, and career plans are not set in stone – a pleasant contrast to many larger consulting firms which strictly define future development of employees. For us the bottom line is to coordinate the interests of the employee and the company to enable harmonious cooperation. The differentiation between management and non-management careers means that the employees’ individual wishes and abilities are taken into consideration.

We enable you, and even encourage you, to find specialist or technical topics that can advance you and COMPIRICUS in our areas of activity. In this way, we are able to gather expert knowledge in our team and are in a position to look at new areas opportunely.

There is no denying that consulting involves a lot of travel, particularly when you are working on client projects. Our clients are spread across German-speaking regions and some are even located abroad. However, we do try to organize travel requirements so you don’t have to spend “five days a week” on site with clients. In many cases this isn’t necessary anyway, and what’s more, with increasing digitalization, there are more and more opportunities to work for the client remotely.

The recent pandemic-related developments have taught us that virtual communication is an environmentally friendly and economical alternative to provide support to the customer on the spot. In fact, it has become a matter of course in our everyday work. It should stay that way. Of course, a more or less strong travel requirement cannot be completely ruled out, but this is the exception rather than the rule. In any case, you can flexibly arrange your working hours when you aren’t with the client, and can work from home sometimes.

It’s important to us that the family plans of our team members are compatible with their professional plans. We make every effort to ensure that their personal lives are as compatible as possible with our work. That’s why we offer flexible working hours and the opportunity to work from home. We are open to supporting the set-up of childcare solutions and also offer part-time work programs within the opportunities available.

We also offer subsidies for childcare costs. There are many young parents in our team, and most of the fathers at COMPIRICUS, right up to board level, have already taken parental leave.