The satisfaction of our team is close to our heart

Whether software development or specialist consulting, whether management or non-management career – you can set your own personal career path at COMPIRICUS and you can develop according to your own particular talents.
“You determine your career path”

What distinguishes us as employer

In the interview in Computerwoche (a weekly journal for CIOs and IT managers) Chief Human Resources Officer Michael Mansen explains what makes working at COMPIRICUS so different and how we encourage satisfaction in the team (Video only available in German language!).

Unique corporate culture at COMPIRICUS

Frequently asked Questions

Starting a career at COMPIRICUS
I am contemplating starting my career with COMPIRICUS. What attributes do I need to enjoy a successful career in IT consultancy or software development?
Advancing your career at COMPIRICUS
For some time now I have worked in the subject areas involved at COMPIRICUS, and I am wondering whether I should change jobs. What can COMPIRICUS offer me as an experienced SAP-TRM/CML consultant?
I hadn’t heard of COMPIRICUS before now. What’s so special about COMPIRICUS compared to its competitors?
I have a family. Can I reconcile that with a career at COMPIRICUS?
For consulting you have to travel a lot in. How much are you expected to travel at COMPIRICUS?
What’s the induction process like at COMPIRICUS?

Your benefits with COMPIRICUS

The following benefits only apply to COMPIRICUS GmbH Germany; Other benefits apply to branches abroad.


We will provide you with a company laptop and a company Smartphone. On top of this and depending upon your position, you could also have a company car when you’ve been with the company for at least three years.

Business trips

Any travel made for work purposes can be paid for using your company credit card which also includes a travel insurance package. We also give you the chance to have a rail card (50%, 2nd class) for business travel within Germany.

Company pension

We offer you a company pension that we subsidize as the employer. Alternatively, you always have the option of transferring existing pension provisions from your previous employer.


In addition to an attractive base salary, you can also benefit from our variable remuneration scheme.


You are entitled to 30 days holiday per calendar year, based on a 5-day week.


Do you have any questions?

We are glad to be at your service. Give us a phone call, write an email to us or contact us via Facebook or Xing!


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