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Ihr Software- und Beratungsspezialist für Treasury-, Asset- und Risikomanagement

SAP Partner
COMPIRICUS Software and Service for SAP TRM and SAP FAM

Financial Adapter®

Universal Interface Tool for Importing / Exporting your SAP TRM Data

Treasury experts all over the world are using it

Your goals

Seamless data transfer

As an investment manager, treasurer or executive of the debt managing division of your company, you must be able to ensure data exchange to and from your TRM system such as:

  • Market data import (Bloomberg, Reuters etc.)
  • Master data import (Bloomberg, Reuters etc.)
  • Import of SWIFT transaction messages
  • Import of all fund data for consolidation
  • Realtime synchronization of front and back office systems

Minimization of maintenance and operation costs

Data from diverse sources must be integrated. To do so, specialist departments frequently use individual interfaces which must always be kept up-to-date. For the company this usually generates considerable maintenance and staff costs which are not required with a standard solution.

Our solution

The COMPIRICUS Financial Adapter® is a universal interface solution for the import and export of TRM data. It enables the simultaneous connection of several application systems to SAP TRM, both quickly and efficiently. Because it is a standard adapter the corresponding implementation costs are low.

Thoroughly tested and proven in practice

Prestigious insurance companies (e.g., AXA, VHV Group) and industrial companies (e.g., STATOIL) have implemented over 120 interfaces through our Financial Adapter® and now benefit from the advantages it provides to their businesses:

  • Cost efficiency, since all imports and exports run on one platform
  • High data quality and stable application, since our product is thoroughly technically matured and proven
  • Investment protection, since the connected systems are easily interchangeable

Multitalent for the creation and management of interfaces

With the Financial Adapter®, you are able to connect different source and target systems to your SAP TRM at the same time:

  • External market and master data providers / systems
  • Investment companies and custodian banks
  • External databases

Comprehensive supply of data

The Financial Adapter® ensures the supply of financial data which is essential for modern capital investment management:

  • Market data: Security prices, exchange rates, reference interest rates, swap rates and volatility data
  • Master data: Partners, investment types (incl. Solvency II, statutory reporting, call and redemption schedules etc.)
  • Transaction data: Transactions for SAP TRM's asset categories (SE, MM, FX, DE, OTC), corporate actions, transaction-related payments, manual accounting entries
  • Portfolio data

Important interfaces already exist

Our Financial Adapter® represents the core element in the interface landscapes of several international companies. We have already integrated the following systems with SAP TRM:

Your benefits

  • One for all: Rapid implementation of several interfaces with a single software solution
  • Fully automated data import and export to and from SAP TRM
  • Investment protection thanks to the simple addition of new systems
  • Flexible and stable interfaces
  • Reduction of manual input
  • Conservation of important resources
  • Focus on the core business
  • Short implementation period
  • Field approved by many multinational corporations from various industries